Princesse Parfums,

is the history of a family tradition,

a passion for perfume, handed down

from one generation to the next.


It is also a craft of over ten years

in the perfume business extending

from Paris and Shanghai to Dubai and Tunis,

garnering, over time, a tried and true global

outlook and know-how. This professional tradition,

accruing by family inheritance and further

enriched by a world experience, has prompted

the wish to found a company in its own right.


Our company is the professional

expression of its values of quality,

tradition and passion for perfume.

From Grasse, the cradle  of perfumery in Paris,

capital of fashion, our products are made with

the intent to achieve excellence, and our objective

is to offer our clients an unforgettable olfactory journey.


Marrying creative vision with technical expertise,

Princesse Parfums distributes its

palette of creations globally.


It is in Grasse, southern France,

world perfume capital since the XVIIth century,

that Princesse Parfums cooperates with

the best perfumers and master noses

of the profession in order to tap

the heart of essences, the best olfactory

notes that make up its fragrances.


The design and making of our packaging,

right from bottle through to box,

are developed by our designer teams in Paris,

with a view to carrying over to our clients the spirit

of our perfumes, inspired by the universe

of luxury and authenticity à la Française.


The packaging of our products is

then conducted at our facilities of

Saint Florentin, in Yonne, in order

to ensure faultless traceability and

quality assurance worthy of

the “Made in France” label.